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Your event begins when attendees register. Create the right experience. Our EventBuilder lets you generate an attractive and interactive event website in minutes.


Your event website is free.



Beautiful. Simple. Powerful.

Our software will ensure that your attendees, exhibitors and volunteers can register quickly and easily.  Sell goods, tickets, booths, meals and virtually anything else.

Customize your forms with the fields and selection logic you need. Then let it fly!

Your business rules rule.

We understand that every event host has their own way to run an event. Our software lets your business and marketing requirements dictate what your event registration form looks like and who gets to see which items your are offering.

You can set up a single registration page to intelligently handle everything, including limits, discounts, sub-classes, coupons, guests, freebies, access codes, apparel sizes, age limits, prices and even rules to open, close, include or exclude items based on the registrant's selections.

Yes, this software is smart.

One console. Total control.

We know what it takes to handle registrant changes, check-in, late payments and all of the other things that can drive you nuts when your software is not up to the task. Our Event Dashboard give you granular control over every registrant record and because we are based in the cloud, you can change whatever you need from anywhere.

Need help?  Add as many administrators as you think you need.  All free.

We will completely satisfy your inner control freak.


Money Flows Directly to You.

Select your preferred payment gateway and sit back.  Our software ensures that payments made for your events flow directly through the gateway with proceeds automatically landing in your account.  We support Stripe, PayPal, and for online and onsite credit card payments.

Volunteer Signup.

We support two types of volunteer signup!  Simple signup lets you include a button on your listing along with clickable time slots so anyone can register for the jobs you post.

For more complex events, our system supports full registration with time tracking and reporting for single or multiple events.

Ditch the

PDF maps!

Sell Space.

With our drag, drop and resize booth layout tool, you can create a dynamically updating booth layout that vendors and attendees can use to select booth space at your event!

Designing your layout is easy. You can create widgets on the fly (to represent restrooms, concession areas, whatever) and you simply drag your booths onto the layout area and position them as you wish. You can drag to resize the booths in standard sizes (5-foot increments).

Our space maps work just like airline seating charts, giving up-to-the-minute availability and the ability to "click n' buy" the spaces you offer.

Publish and Promote.

When you create an event on you can publish it to our community search engine, making it incredibly easy for attendees to find.  In addition, your event will automatically publish to every single website hosting our portable event widget.  When people click your event summary, they are taken directly to your listing on our site where they can learn all about your event and register.

Users can also sign up for a watch list that notifies them whenever you post an event matching their personal preferences.

Free Mobile Web App.

The way we see it, you should not have to spend thousands of dollars developing a custom app that will likely get used only once. We are pretty sure your registrants do not need another icon on their phones.

Our solution was to create an HTML5 mobile app that your registrants and you can access simply by navigating to our website with the phone's browser. That's it! No app stores, no downloads.

Our app lets you post live bulletins, send texts to attendees and even offer live voting on any topic you want. Your attendees can find their personal itineraries, directions and other information about your event.

Best of all, the app is free.

Post your event FREE!

Still not convinced?

Watch our entertaining video to see how can give you the ultimate control over your events.